The Dr. Feelgood Story of the Song

"Down at the Doctor's" Song Written By Mickey Jupp Compiled by: Steve Smith
This Dr Feelgood history is copyright Steve Smith and is used with his kind permission

Dr Feelgoods Official Releases of the song: "Down at the Doctors" Recorded in 8 (9) different versions.

Single: United Artists UP 36444 - Version 1

Single: United Artists UP 36171 - Version 2

Album: Private Practice, UAG 30184 - Version 1

Album: As It Happens, United Artists UAK 30239 - Version 3

Album: Casebook, Liberty LBG 30341 - Version 1

Album/CD: Singles+, Liberty EM 1332 - Version 1

Album/CD: Live In London, Grand 08 - Version 4

Album/CD: Stupidity+, Liberty EM 1388 - Version 4

Album/CD: Bonn Blues Festival - Version 5

CD: Case History, EMI CDP7467112 - Version 1

CD: Looking Back, Box Set EMI 7243 8 34414 2 6 - Version 1

CD: Looking Back, Box Set EMI 7243 8 34414 2 6 - Version 2

CD: Looking Back, Box Set EMI 7243 8 34414 2 6 - Version 6

CD:The Best Of Dr Feelgood, EMI 7243 8 59633 2 2 - Version 1

Album/CD: Down At The Doctors, Grand 18 - Version 7

CD: 25 Years Of Dr Feelgood, Grand 20 - Version 7

CD: Chemistry Free, With VOX EMI 100 - Version 1

CD: Repeat Prescription, With VOX EMI 100 - Version 1

Video: Live Legends, Grand CD30 - Version 9 (new version with the "new" Dr Feelgood

And on all subsequent Grand reissues

The Song Was Recorded By Dr Feelgood Summer 1978

I am sure you all know the reason behind the eight bars of Piano, Mickey Jupp gave the song to Lee about 2 years before it was recorded.
Lee did not like the song at first, but never dropped it from the set list.

Some Strange Facts About Down At The Doctors:

Down At The Doctors was used at the end of the BBC Comedy Show "Not The Nine O Clock News" a few times.

Was in the Top 50 for 5 weeks, highest position No 48!

Mickey Jupp did not like the Feelgoods version that is why they recorded it again for the B Side Of "As Long As The Price Is Right".

Covered by Pete Gage before he joined The Band.

Also covered by lots of R&B bands including mine.

Variations Of The Song

In the mid eighties when the song normally ended, they sometimes played either the guitar riff again and or the chorus.

The line "I just want to SHOOT Some Rock And Roll In Your Arm" was amended to
"Just Want To STICK Some Rock And Roll In Your Arm" In the early eighties for obvious reasons.

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