Mickey Jupp band

The following text is taken from a mail sent from Bob Fish to Paul Moules
(It's also an answer to a question about whom the Mickey Jupp band was and what they did and where they went?)

This is re-published with kind permission by Bob Fish and Paul Moules.

The personel of Der Grosse Mickey Jupp Band (Mickey's little joke as we were so many)

Hi Paul,

The personel of Der Grosse Mickey Jupp Band (Mickey's little joke as we were so many) were:
Mickey Jupp - Guitar & Vocals (can't remember if he played piano as well?)
Pete The Hat - Backing Vocals
Joy Sarney - Backing Vocals
Colin Maxwell - Backing Vocals
Bob Fish - Backing Vocals
Bobby Clouter - Drums
Pete Zear - Lead Guitar
Phil Mitchell - Bass Guitar
Frank Mead - Sax / Harmonica
John Pugh - Sax

I think Joy Sarney was first to leave, then after around ten months all the backing vocalists left,
I can't remember if they carried on without us or not?

Amongst the songs we did:
Cheque Book
Cross Country
Little Biddy Tear (old Burl Ives song)
Down In Old New Orleans

There were obviously a lot more including the obligatory Chuck Berry etc in there (it was a long time ago).
Unless some of the rehearsals were recorded? we never did any official recordings.

I think the band was formed in the summer of 1975 due to the fact that The Kursaal Flyers, Dr Feelgood etc
were having success on the London pub circuit and they were all doing Mickey's songs. I (along with thers)
kept pestering Mick to form a band which he did. French Henry drove us to gigs in his VW van.
We definetely played at The University of Essex and London colleges, and we must have gone further
afield (I can't remember them all). Me along with Pete and Collin must have left early 1976 as I was rehearsing
with what was to become DARTS in April / May that year. That's about it, hope that's of some help.

Interesting to hear that you were into so many good sounds/bands when you were only ten!
I saw John Mayall a couple of times at The Cricketers, with a very young Mick Taylor on one occasion.
Chicken Shack were brill with Cristine McVie (later - Cristine Perfect) also many other great bands over the years...
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown was tremendous! The first time I saw him there (I think I remember him jumping onto
the stage from the balcony?) The next time he appeared, he'd broken his ankle and was on a crutch.

I used to organise the Art School Dances at the Cricketers. The best one was when I booked The Deviants (Mick Farren etc) to headline,
I also had a pop band and a jug band on the same bill. I can't think why??? but I borrowed a 850cc Norton Commando
which I got on the stage for the Deviants slot. I did have the presence of mind to take the gear lever off (just in case).
At the end of the gig I sat on the bike and started her up, Mick Farren stood on the pillion seat and did his thing.
What with the hundreds of Joss sticks that I'd given to everyone when they came in, the carbon monoxide from the Norton
and the smoke from a fire that some 'bright spark' had started in the middle of the dance floor, there was quite an
atmosphere going! Fred the manager of The Cricketers came up to me at the end with his eyes red from the fire
which he'd just put out and demaned to see me later... I'm afraid I didn't hang around to chat and went off to France
and Spain hitch-hicking the next day with my girlfriend.


That's it for now.

Kind regards,

The following text is a quotation from a mail from Bob Fish to Mickey;
(I'ts a small world, isn't it?)

"I look back fondly on the gigs we did together in '75 &'76, do you remember that uni/college gig we did and that
strange bunch of urchins were there when we arrived and asked you if they could support us and it turned out to be the SEX PISTOLS!"

Happy days!