By Mickey Jupp

She always has a little smile she always gives a wave
and if I talk to her she'll talk to me
but she will never know that I´ll carry to my grave
the secret of my love for Stephanee

Somethings are bound to happen and somethings just take time
Somethings I know can never be
And even though I´m certain I can never make her mine
Every night I dream of Stephanee

She´s got a sense of humour and a figure I admire
There´s no end of things on which we both agree
We get on really well but the house is not on fire
And that´s just warm enough for Stephanee

I know she´d laugh and run a mile and talk to me no more
If she knew I thought of her as my cherie
I don´t think I could handle that so I will settle for
Being just a friend of Stephanee

I think about the things I´ve been - the places I have done
And wish that I was still thirty-three
`Cause I can´t make my mind up if either she´s too young
Or I am way too old for Stephanee