the mickey jupp history and discography


This is the place to visit for all of you who appreciate Mickey Jupp‘s music, songs and talent.
And don't we all love a true "Old Rock 'n' Roller"? It’s a great mystery why Mickey Jupp, a highly inventive songwriter, gifted guitarist and pianist, and very emotive singer, has never enjoyed the acclaim his talents so richly deserve. Maybe this site can make a difference.
Some people say that Mickey is underrated, thats not the case, he's just underheard.

The aim is to show as much as possible of what has been recorded, filmed, said, written or told about Mickey. Here will you find Discographies, Reviews, Interviews, Music Magazine articles and excerpts from books. Some information is in English, some in other languages, like German, Swedish or any other language where the information has been found.

All articles re-published, are if no other information given, shown by kind permission of the author, photographer or any other copyright holder. If you have any additional information, please, feel free to send all your updates to: lars It's our sincere hope and wishes, that you will enjoy what you read and sees, and perhaps, also, help you in your own collection of Mickey Jupp's records and memorabilia.

A lot of help has been provided by:
John Bobin - Legend, UK
Paul Moules, UK
Dave Vickers
, UK
Gerd Obermann, Germany
The Refreshments, the band who Mickey toured with when Mickey played in Sweden.
Gazell Record Company (where Mickey's latest Record "You Say Rock" was released).
And many others… not to forget.

Remember, these pages are, dedicated to "Southend's finest".