Written By Paul Moules Liner notes from the CD - Mickey Jupp – Live At The BBC

At the end of the Thames Delta you will find Southend-on-sea.
It has been the home town to artists such as the Paramount’s (later they evolved into Procol Harum), The Kursaal Flyers, Dr Feelgood, Eddie and the Rods, to name but a few.
There is one artist, in particular, who always seems to get ‘overlooked’ and that is Mickey Jupp – the godfather of Sarfend Rock.

Mickey’s own album/singles releases never achieved him the credit that he deserved (Don’t Talk to Me was the closest Mickey came to “having a hit” in his own right). Indeed it was one of Mickey’s songs that was covered by the Judd’s in the mid 1980’s, Tears For You, which gave the mother and daughter duo a hit song in Nashville selling in excess of 3.5 million units. Little was still known of Mickey at the time as a performer – Greg ‘Fingers’ Taylor (who has covered many of Mickey’s songs from “As The Yeahs Go By”) describes the Southend Legend as “one of music’s best kept secrets”.

The tracks on this compilation by Hux records represent Mickey at his most active during the mid to late 1970’s. His fans will love hearing many of these songs which were rarely performed like “You Made A Fool Out Of Me”, “Wrong Food” (Mickey actually never recorded this song for any of his albums) and the haunting ballad “Pilot” from Juppanese.

Mickey Jupp’s career has spanned five decades. His approach to song writing is very unique, much like a painters approach to painting pictures. Although, today, he no longer performs live, I’m sure his fans will treasure this CD for many years to come.

Paul Moules