Mickey Jupp Audio Demos.


Listen to the great music of Mickey Jupp.
And for the first time ever, listen to Mickey's own 'Demos'.
All songs are uploaded with kind permission by Mickey Jupp and Chris East.

You can listen to Mickey's self composed album 'Favourites' which are Mickey's own favourites.
Im' proud to be able to present all 16 songs from his hobby project.

You can also listen to some songs from 'Never Too Old To Rock'
One really good tip, don't close down the player when listening to 'Function To Function'.
There is a silent part... keep listening... I'll say no more...
You can also listen to 'Country & Northern', 'The Mo Witham Band Live at the High Cross Inn'.
If this is not good enough, there are several more songs to listen to. Mickey singing or maybe a cover...

Want to buy any of the albums? Go here 'I want my own copy of the CD's',
Price: £10 inc. postage to anywhere in the world!!

Want to buy Mickey Jupp lIve at The BBC? Go here 'BBC Live' Hux Records.
Want to buy 'You Say Rock' Go here 'You Say Rock' Gazell Records. This site is in both Swedish and English.

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